The city of Gothenburg turns into a testbed for a novel hybrid bus using plug in-technology.

Buses and rapid charging stations will be tested in regular traffic in the city center.

This demo project, named Hyper Bus
(ref. LIFE10 ENV/SE/000041), has been granted 14 MSEK in EU-funding through  Life+ .

Charging up!
Plug-in hybrid buses are now operating on the streets of Gothenburg. The three buses, operating along bus route 60, are rather hard to miss. This now gives us the opportunity to promote and try
out a public transport solution where wind power results in more fuel efficient, cleaner and quieter bus trips.


Volvo Plug In Hybrid Bus Hybrid in Gothenburg

Laymansreport 2014

The Hyperbus project Introducing plug-in hybrids
in the city of Gothenburg »PDF

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